Info Pro 20/30


As a student in Info Pro 20/30 you will type for 20 minutes every period. This will be kept track of on your All the Right Type Account.


Create your own wiki. And invite me to join
Wiki Checklist
  • Easy to identify who the wikispace belongs to.

  • A video or picture somehow relating to you and your wiki on the home page.

  • A brief Introductory message explaining your wiki.

  • All pages are well labeled and apply to Info Pro

  • The pages are well organized and easy to navigate.

  • The pages have dates indicating when material was put on.

  • Files added are well labeled and easy to identify.

Microsoft Access

Assignment Link


How to Vlog

More Vlog Info


Create your own Vlog
1. You will create your own Vlog on the topic of your choice.
2. You will post 2 vlogs per month ( minimum ) You must have at least 8 posts.
3. They should be at least 5 min in length.
4. It is up to you in terms of creativity, subject, etc. ( Must be school appropriate )
5. Create your own channel and supply me with the link.

Vlog Due Dates

1. February 14
2. March 5
3. March 26
4. April 16
5. April 30
6. May 14
7. May 28
8. June 13

Vlog Rubric

Stop Motion Animation

Making Stop Motion Animation


Frillo's Pizza Assignments