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Monday September 25

Mr. Richardson subbing
Work on Evaluation for Lemonade Stand Project

Tuesday September 26

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Friday September 29

Monday September 18

Text Book Pg. 12 - 15

Tuesday September 19

Lemonade Stand Prep

Wednesday September 20

Lemonade Stand Sale

Thursday September 21

Lemonade stand Financial & Debrief

Friday September 22

Lemonade stand Financial

Tuesday September 5

Introductions, Expectations and Guidelines
What are we learning?
  • We can view the course outline and go over classroom procedures
  • We can discuss the skills of a beginning entrepreneur
  • We can analyze how Entrepreneurs have created success for themselves
  • We can analyze how Entrepreneurs have faced challenges within their success
  • We can discover the BIG IDEA when it comes to being an Entrepreneur within our society
How we will learn it? Welcome Entrepreneurship 30! Today we will be going over the course outline, classroom procedures here on the wiki. As you can see, I am not giving you a paper copy of the outline as you can always access it here. The wiki address is the only thing you need to write down. Please remember that this wiki is setup for your use! You can access this on computers, tablets (iPads, etc), smartphones, and iPod touches. Please remember that you can download document from the wiki, as well. There is no excuse for you not knowing what is going on in the class!

Wednesday September 6

Over the next few days we are going to be looking at what it takes to be an Entrepreneur within our society. A few years ago a show called Dragon's Den worked it's way onto TV and became and Entrepreneurs dream! 5 successful CANADIAN entrepreneurs would judge up and coming ventures and see if they would like to invest their own money into a beginning business. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it goes up in flames.

As we watch a number of these episodes there are some guiding questions I want you to think about:
  • How do the presenters handle themselves when it comes to promoting their products to the Dragons?
  • How well do they know their product?
  • What qualities make the presenters good Entrepreneurs?
  • What do you notice about their style of dress when presenting their product?
  • What qualities would hinder them from being successful as an Entrepreneur?
  • How do they respond to the Dragons when questioned about their product?

Thursday September 7

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Friday September 8

Junior Achievement
Page 6 -12 Handbook

Monday September 11

What we will be working on from Monday September 11 to Wednesday September 20
What are we learning?
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills that may contribute to the success of the student’s practical learning experience
  • To assess opportunities at home, school, and in the community and to develop those opportunities by applying personal experience, knowledge, and expertise.
  • To promote both intuitive, imaginative thought and the ability to evaluate ideas, processes, experiences, and objects in meaningful contexts in order to create or identify entrepreneurial opportunities
  • To work with others toward a common goal
  • To develop independence in planning, monitoring, and evaluating learning experiences
  • To enable students to think for themselves and to recognize the limits of individual reflection and the need to contribute to and build upon mutual understandings
How we will learn it
Your Mission:
That’s right!! You are going to be selling lemonade or something along those lines!!
Remember when you were little and you and your buddies used to setup a lemonade or iced tea stand outside your house? Then eventually you just drank it all and didn’t make any money. At least that’s what happened to me! This week you are going to be selling lemonade! The only difference is, you are going to be creating a business that will hopefully make money! What I need you all to do right now is pool all your money together to see how much money we have to get started! Everyone EMPTY YOUR POCKETS NOW!!

Ok, just kidding! You are actually in luck! We have an investor in our company and they believe in you guys so much that they are willing to hand over some money for you to start your business! The questions is, will you make enough to pay the investor back?
Your investor for this project is Mr. Robertson. He has so much faith in you guys (without even having seen a business plan) that they are willing to give $40 dollars to the project. Of course, as an investor, they want to see their money come back to them! They are even willing to NOT take a percentage of your sales for giving you their money. CHA CHING!!!!!!

So, the big thing is that you have $40 to use in your business. Of course, we want to turn that $40 into a larger profit! (There are three groups so they are actually investing $120). Now, I want Mr. Robertson to see how well we can use his money wisely in our business. You noticed you are broken up into three groups. Within these groups you are going to be given $40 dollars to create your business.

In these groups you are going to be responsible to create jobs for each group member. As you are creating your business, you are going to have to think of many things that will make you successful. What I would like you to do is look at the following terms. Your job, as we go through this, is to define the terms as they relate to your business (what do they mean to you).
As you look at the terms you will probably want to think about what jobs each group member is going to contribute to the group:

1. Supplies
2. Location
3. Advertising
4. Cost Comparison
5. Cost vs. Profit

The majority of this project will be completed during class time unless the group decides to work on some of it outside of class. You are going to be encouraged to go out and find all of your supplies and do cost comparisons.
Our schedule will hopefully stay true to what we lay out here but we can be flexible as you are in grade 11 and 12 and VERY mature!

Our time from for this will be starting today and the sale will take place on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 during noon hour.
Things to think about as you are creating your business:
  • What are you going to sell? You need ideas
  • Delegate your jobs! Who will be in charge of what?
  • You need to know your supplies! Can you find things cheaper at different locations? Coupons? Online deals?
  • LOCATION!!! First come, first serve! You need to talk to me!
  • Advertising: What will you create to advertise your business around the school? Mr. Block must approve posters before they go up!
  • PreSales: What does that look like? Mr. Block can help you with this when dealing with the Elementary students!!! :)
You will be individually evaluated on this project using the following rubric: